And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15
Carriers Of The Glory
Founder: Prophet Rick Wass
Founded: April 29th 2013
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 2045906329

About the Church
we have 20 members a small 25 feet wide and 50 feet long church, more like an out reach but operate as a church, we believe in holiness and being separated from the world and devoting our time to the Lord and reaching out to the lost with the love of God and demonstrating his word, we believe that Jesus is soon to return to rapture the church, we believe that the church should be ready and prepared fpr the coming of Jesus christ...
About Prophet Wass

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i love the Lord and thank him for saving me the Lord used me at a young age to minister and sing and reach out to the lost and after all these years im still out in field serving the Lord.
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