MissionaryChapel.com Terms of Use

Please read the following terms and conditions for using MissionaryChapel.com, carefully and in its entirety. If you agree to the following terms you may view and use any MissionaryChapel.com courses, programs, forums, discussion groups and other services. If you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you may not view or use any MissionaryChapel.com courses, programs, forums, discussion groups and other services.

All references to MissionaryChapel.com in this Agreement shall include the website content, forums and discussion groups, and its directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents, affiliates, and attorneys, as applicable.

Access to view and/or use MissionaryChapel.com's courses, forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services are intended for individuals eighteen years of age and older who do not suffer from a major mental disorder.

Any amendment, change, or modification of this Agreement shall be made only under the express written direction of MissionaryChapel.com. This will be done through the posting of any amendment, change, or modification of this Agreement on the MissionaryChapel.com website. Any viewing or use of MissionaryChapel.com by you shall be deemed an acceptance by you of any amendment, change or modification of this Agreement by MissionaryChapel.com.

The information contained in MissionaryChapel.com's courses, programs, forums, blogs, rosters, discussion groups, site and services are specifically for religious purposes. They are not intended to, and do not provide, professional advice for mental health counseling; nor are they to be a substitute for professional mental health counseling or therapy. You should not rely upon the information contained in MissionaryChapel.com's courses, forum, discussion groups, and services for medical, legal or financial decisions.

You may view and/or use MissionaryChapel.com's forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. You may download or print a copy of any information provided by MissionaryChapel.com for your personal use only. Any other use in framing, downloading, or printing a copy of any information provided by MissionaryChapel.com is expressly prohibited unless prior written consent is specifically provided by the holder of the copyright of the information and by MissionaryChapel.com.

MissionaryChapel.com shall not be liable to anyone for any act or omission taken in reliance upon any information provided by MissionaryChapel.com. You may not use MissionaryChapel.com for any unlawful purpose or for that which is prohibited by this Agreement. MissionaryChapel.com may deny you access to MissionaryChapel.com at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of MissionaryChapel.com.

MissionaryChapel.com shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to, damages for personal injury or wrongful death, loss of business profits, business interruption, incarceration or loss of data, arising out of the viewing or use of, or inability to view or use, MissionaryChapel.com's courses, site, forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services, or for any reason whatsoever. You agree to fully defend and indemnify MissionaryChapel.com from any legal action arising from your viewing or use of the MissionaryChapel.com courses, site, forums, discussion groups, and services. You are solely responsible for communications and/or materials you post on MissionaryChapel.com's forums and discussion groups.

MissionaryChapel.com does not and cannot review all communications and/or materials posted on its forums, rosters, blog pages and discussion groups, and as such is not responsible in any manner for the content of posted communications or materials. You may not post or transmit any communications or materials, and MissionaryChapel.com has the right to block or delete any communications or materials on MissionaryChapel.com's forums, discussion groups and services that may: be libelous, defamatory, or discloses private or personal information about another person, indecent, obscene, offensive, or pornographic, offensive, harmful, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading, or constitute stalking, violate the privacy and/or property rights of others, including any unauthorized copyrighted communications or materials, trade secrets, protected intellectual property rights, or other confidential or trademarked proprietary information, interfere with the viewing or use by others of MissionaryChapel.com's forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services, use simultaneous, unattended or continuous connections to MissionaryChapel.com, or post or transmit any file containing any viruses or any contaminating or destructive code or features, requests for charity, petitions for signatures, chain letters, or communications or materials for any pyramid schemes, advertising, solicitations, or promotional communications or materials of any kind, or be used to harvest or collect information about other users of the forums, discussion groups, and services on MissionaryChapel.com, or be deemed unacceptable for any reason by MissionaryChapel.com. MissionaryChapel.com may take steps, if deemed necessary, to investigate any violation of this Agreement, including the recording of any communications or materials in its forum, discussion groups, rosters, blogs, and services.

You further agree that your registration for any forums, blogs, rosters discussion groups, and services in MissionaryChapel.com is true and correct, and that if any information in your registration changes, you will correct your registration immediately, you will not allow another person to have access to any forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services in MissionaryChapel.com under your registration, you will not impersonate any other person or entity in any forums, discussion groups, blogs, rosters, and services in MissionaryChapel.com, you will not post any communications or materials that you know or reasonably should know is false, you will not mislead others about your identity, education, credentials, knowledge or experience, and that you will not collect any information whatsoever about other users of MissionaryChapel.com.

MissionaryChapel.com is not responsible for delays or failure in performance resulting from acts beyond the control of MissionaryChapel.com Such acts shall include but are not limited to acts of God, strikes, lockouts, riots, acts of war, epidemics, governmental regulations superimposed after the fact, fire, communication line failures, power failures, earthquakes, mail delivery delays or disasters. You agree that all orders placed or purchases made from MissionaryChapel.com are for services related to preparation and delivery, and not physical products.

MissionaryChapel.com uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship all applicable physical documentation related to the services it offers. Shipment tracking is not used in order to keep fees as low as possible. MissionaryChapel.com does agree to ship all orders within 3 (usually 1) working days after receipt of final payment (holidays and weekends excluded), and to produce and maintain for inspection at its office a date-stamped photo of the shipment.If you fail to receive your shipment in a reasonable amount of time (two weeks past the shipping date in the U.S and three weeks in other countries), or your shipment contains errors or omissions, you agree to notify MissionaryChapel.com by email of the issue. MissionaryChapel.com representatives will respond to you by email, requesting verification when applicable of your shipping address and any other relevant particulars, and then re-ship upon receipt of the information requested from you by email, subject again to the terms and timelines given for the previous shipping arrangement. Under no circumstances are refunds offered or given.

MissionaryChapel.com does not warranty the recognition or acceptance of its services and/or offerings by any agency, public or private. It is your duty and responsibility to obtain agreements of acceptance prior to making your purchase and using any degree or certification material earned or purchased through this site. All degrees and certifications we offer are honorary, for use exclusively within your ministry, and subject to the acceptance of the recognized authority within your religious organization. Acceptance of this agreement grants you membership in our church. Dual membership is completely recognized and allowed with any other Christian church, and does not constitute conflict with MissionaryChapel.com membership. Some Canadian provinces do not accept our minister credentials as sufficient to allow the holder to officiate marriage ceremonies.

No alleged past or present written or oral agreement or representation, course of conduct by you or MissionaryChapel.com, or any trade practice shall act to modify this Agreement. The provisions set forth in this Agreement are the only terms and conditions of the Agreement. The provisions of this Agreement shall be severable; in the event any portion of this agreement is deemed un-enforceable, such un-enforceability shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining portions of the Agreement. This Agreement incorporates by reference all other Agreements contained in the MissionaryChapel.com website in their entirety. The Terms of Service are subject to change at our discretion. As a member of the site, you agree to remain bound by them, or contact us to remove your membership. The current version will be available viewable form the F.A.Q. section of the site.