And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15
Missionary Chapel Roster of Chartered Churches
Church Of Mother Nature
Founded: February 3rd, 2020
Founder: Minister Briana Lewis
Location: Indian Head, Maryland, USA
Church Of New Hope
Founded: September 10th, 2018
Founder: Pastor Donald Dahl
Location: Rockford, Illinois, USA
Church Of Newhope
Founded: August 20th, 2014
Founder: Father Lutz Laliberty
Location: Erin, Ontario, Canada
Church Of Our Way Of Life "69"
Founded: December 5th, 2015
Founder: Reverend Brian Carson
Location: Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Church Of Robbie
Founded: February 18th, 2016
Founder: Prophet Robbie Leiter
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Church Of Sin
Founded: April 7th, 2013
Founder: Father Bob Jones
Location: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Church Of Swag
Founded: September 23rd, 2019
Founder: Brother Mark Bondy
Location: Toronoto, Ontario, Canada
Church Of The Broken Road
Founded: December 7th, 2013
Founder: Minister Peter Vandyck
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Church Of The Daimond Empire
Founded: October 27th, 2013
Founder: Padre Gordon Duffy
Location: Widnes, Cheshire, England
Church Of The Dancing Goat
Founded: December 5th, 2016
Founder: Prophet Zurvan Christ
Location: Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Church Of The Fallen
Founded: July 24th, 2020
Founder: Priest Aitor Ansotegui
Location: Prairie City, Oregon, USA
Church Of The Fallen Souls
Founded: December 31st, 2016
Founder: Father Raul Lopez
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Church Of The Firstborn
Founded: April 13th, 2013
Founder: Prophet John Orr
Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Church Of The Good Angel
Founded: March 4th, 2013
Founder: Reverend Thomas Power
Location: St.john's, Newfoundland, Canada
Church Of The Gospel
Founded: February 24th, 2021
Founder: Pastor Nicholas Moretti
Location: Utica, Michigan, USA
Church Of The Holy Anointing
Founded: February 5th, 2017
Founder: Bishop Enrique Sanz Bascunana
Location: Vilanova Del Valles, Cataluna, Spain
Church Of The Holy Cross
Founded: March 16th, 2012
Founder: Father Robert Duncan
Location: Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Church Of The Holy Fire
Founded: November 7th, 2013
Founder: Pastor Shawn Griffin
Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
Church Of The Holy Trinity
Founded: September 13th, 2012
Founder: Reverend Christopher Harvey
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Church Of The Light
Founded: May 16th, 2020
Founder: Father Nathan Riggers
Location: Orono, Ontario, Canada
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