And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15
Yahweh Chapel Of Truth

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Founder: Prophetess Bishop Leola Jolly
Founded: November 30th 2014
Location: Eucild, Ohio, USA
Phone: 216-912-8383

About the Church
Remembrance of God... If men , women deliberately put away the remembrance of God from their minds. The natural consequence under God's decree, is that they join on with evil, like consorts with like. We can generalize evil in the abstract, but it take concrete shape in our life - companion. The downward course in evil is rapid. But the most tragic consequence is that evil persuade its victims to believe that they are pursing good. they think evil to be their good. They go deeper and deeper into the mire and become more and more callous" Them and They" represent the generic plural of anyone who" Withdraws himself from God.....
About Prophetess Jolly

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Hello my name is Bishop Leola Jolly . I 'm a willing vessel . God use me to deliver hope to the lost. My life is a shining beacon to help those who are lost to return back to God. God wait with open arm ,we have to trust God surrender our life to him. Helping people to get a better understand who God is what he has done for me. I'm a Kingdom builder. God Is Good always who I call before a 911. God want to be more than a 911 call in our live . God sit in my kitchen not in the parlo . He is always in the driver seat in my life. If men, women do not profit by its blessings, the fault lies in their will, they turn away, and thus fail to ear the voice that calls to them. The consequence of their wilful rejection is that distance it created between Revelation and those for whom it is meant, their ears become deaf, so that the voice fall fainter and fainter on their ear, they feel a bar between themselves and the Messenger who comes to teach them. There is nothing but pity for those who reject "Truth" run after false worship have no sympathy or charity for their fellow-men-women, and even deny that there is any future Life. But blessed are those who have Faith. They will have a Future and a Bliss that will never fail.......
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