And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15
Breathe Worship & Action Prayer Ministry
Founder: Reverend Richard Thrift
Founded: May 12th 2014
Location: Buffalo, New York, USA
Phone: +1 716 472-9201

About the Church
A new Bible believing Holy Spirit led ministry looking to be a community church where all members are involved in leading worship and ministration. Activities are as follows: Wednesday night: 6:30pm - Bible Study Friday night: 7:00pm - Prayer & Worship Please call/email for location of services
About Reverend Thrift

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I have another account here on Missionary Chapel but cannot access it so here's the new one. I have also been re-ordained on this ministry website. I am a Baptistic Minister who is also Charismatic. I have another ordination with NACM (LS) older than this one. I am looking for Buffalo (NY) area ministers to work on a NEW ministry that I believe God is leading me into. That is Breathe Worship & Action Prayer Ministry. It's a ministry about living the calling of Christ 24/7 and eventually creating a Christian Community of believers living out a contemporary demonstration of the Acts 2 lifestyle. I am available for: Weddings Funerals Dedications Hospital Visitations Prison Visitations May God bless you.
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