And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16:15
Missionary Chapel Minister Roster
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Shawntae Paige
Title: Minister
Ordained: June 22nd 2014
Location: Rochester, New York, USA
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Kris Paige
Title: Reverend
Ordained: December 2nd 2012
Location: Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Christopher Painter
Title: Reverend
Ordained: April 15th 2014
Location: Aylesbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Simon Paki
Title: Minister
Ordained: October 11th 2013
Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Brienna Paki
Title: Prophetess
Ordained: August 9th 2014
Location: Hayman Island, Queensland, Australia
Jorge Palacios
Title: Chaplain
Ordained: June 5th 2014
Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA
Harikumar Pallathadka
Title: Bishop
Ordained: July 27th 2012
Location: Kasaragod, Kerala, India
Peter Pallentien
Title: Pastor
Ordained: July 6th 2013
Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Linda Palmer
Title: Reverend
Ordained: September 30th 2013
Location: Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada
Kenneth Palmer
Title: Pastor
Ordained: April 16th 2012
Location: Roseburg, Oregon, USA
Diane Palmer
Title: Reverend
Ordained: June 8th 2012
Location: Torquay, Devon, England
Lucy Palmer
Title: Pastor
Ordained: May 11th 2013
Location: Garston, Barking and Dagenham, England
Glendon Palmer
Title: Minister
Ordained: January 13th 2014
Location: London., Londonerry, United Kingdom
Anthony Palmer-Greene
Title: Minister
Ordained: October 1st 2013
Location: Clevedon, North Somerset, England
Joseph Panko
Title: Prophet
Ordained: August 27th 2012
Location: Mount Pleasant, Ontario, Canada
Tamika Pannell
Title: Chaplain
Ordained: November 8th 2012
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Penny Papadakos
Title: Pastor
Ordained: December 18th 2013
Location: Brooklin, Alberta, Canada
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Kikkos Papadopoulos
Title: Pastor
Ordained: March 17th 2012
Location: Bromley, Kent, England
Karen Papay
Title: Minister
Ordained: May 15th 2012
Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA
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Judith Papesh
Title: Minister
Ordained: June 29th 2012
Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA
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